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Exploring the medical and scientific background of blood drinking
Investigation and Research Into Sanguinarians
Investigation and Research Into Sanguinarians
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What is a Sanguinarian?
In order to ask and answer some of the questions we pose, we first must ask ourselves what,exactly, is a sanguinarian? What defines a person with this condition? What sets this appart from other syndromes or diseases that it shouldbe studied independant of them?

The very short answer is we don't really know yet. The longer answer involves mostly anectdotal reports since there are no published studies as of yet.

Through this anectdotal reporting we can say a sanguinarian typically has a majority of the following signs:
- A dependance on blood, be it human or animal, to alleviate symptoms
-Low solar tolerance
-Ocular sun sensitivity
-Possible increased asthma risk
-Suffers headaches, lethargy, inappetance and mood swings without a regular intake of blood

This is not much to go on, as of yet. We would like to find some biochemical markers as well but research into that direction is in its infancy yet.