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Exploring the medical and scientific background of blood drinking
Investigation and Research Into Sanguinarians
Investigation and Research Into Sanguinarians
This webpage is intended to be a more scientific and more advanced look at those that believe there is a medical cause for the symptom of blood-need. Included is a small amount of basic information, but largely I focus on the hypothesis of cause and similar diseases.

I believe the blood ingestion need that we experience is a symptom, but not the disease itself. I put information and research forth to investigate the cause of the symptom and hopefully one day define and treat the disease itself.

Also, much of what is provided here are stepping stones for myself or others to conduct research. They are hypothesis and directions to follow in pursuit of the ultimate cause. I fully ackowledge that an ultimate cause may not be found, that this may be more a mental than a physical disorder, but even that may have roots in the physical. Only time (and research) will tell.
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